I truly believe in small businesses. You can talk about doing good in the world, but when it comes to responsibility, this is the area where we should focus on. After failing upwards through a completely broken German educational system, only 17 years old, I decided to travel the world.  While working as a tourist guide, german teacher, and as a house sitter working remote, I met those people who run small shops, selling car parts, baking bread in backalleys, making enough money, feeding their families and helping each other out. Then I had an epiphany. It is not the United Nations, or the governments or development aid – It is the entrepreneurs of the world. I believe that we as desiners and planners can give people important tools and ideas. And this is the mission. To support, connect and help others to move things.

Currently I live in Düsseldorf, Germany. Over the past years I have contributed on more than 43 different B2C & B2B projects – including working either as a solo freelancer or on teams for small and big clients like Google, Red Bull and Adidas. These experiences allowed me to pick up on a range of skills on the lifecycle of a project.

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